About Us

Families for Jesus is a Christian community who love and live for the Lord Jesus Christ. We endeavor to bring live out Biblical teachings in our marriages and in our families, and in our daily living.

The Tariman Family — Danny, Niña, Dino & Dessa — is the seed of Families for Jesus ministry. It started with a call from the Lord on July 24, 2004 to “follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Mt 4:19). CD2011The call for the family become more audible and louder in the days that followed through the Biblical verses that the couple received during their prayer time. On August 15, 2004, Sis Niña received a vision from the Lord where she saw Bro Danny boldly proclaiming the Gospel inside a chapel full of people.

On November 12, 2004, the call was again made: “you are to go to the lost sheep… Go and preach ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near'” (Mt 10:6-7)

The family is very close to each other and are very devoted Catholics. The family goes to Mass each day, an activity that has caught the attention of both the priests and the daily Mass goers. Some parishioners would refer to them as the “holy family”, an attribute that even the priests — even in parishes they just went for a visit — would use.

With the call becoming clearer to establish as family-based ministry, they prayed to the Holy Spirit to give it a name. Thus in December, 2004, the Families for Jesus Catholic Ministries was born.

On December 26, 2004 — the feast day of the Holy Family — the Tariman family, offered the first Mass for the Ministry.

The Ministry is dedicated to serving the Lord through proclamation of the Good News. It is based in Manila, Philippines.


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Families who love and live for the Lord

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