Pleasing the Boss

by Danny Tariman

I came across the other week in an e-newsletter some tips on how to please your boss. The guide was quite simple but I realized that as Christians, we should be doing the same. Not so much to please our earthly boss, but more so to please our Heavenly Boss. I am saying this because some of the tips have corresponding Biblical principle.

So, how should a Christian worker conduct himself in an office or workplace? I am listing down here some of the practical guides on how to behave as an employee and as a Christian in the workplace.

Note that in Biblical times, what was referred to as “slaves” are our current day “workers” or “employees”. As an employee or worker, we are subject to “masters” we call today as “supervisor” or “manager”

Tip #1. Be submissive to your boss.

Slaves are to submit to their masters in everything, aiming to please them and not argue with them (Titus 2:9)

The word submit means to “bow”, “defer”, “give in”. This means that as employee we should obey our superiors, even if we have another idea or another approach. Submitting means giving-in or deferring or yielding-in to someone else’ idea. The verse further says “in everything”. Does this mean we cannot suggest or verbalize our thoughts? No, it doesn’t mean we don’t speak. It does mean however that when your supervisor opens the floor for discussion, we speak, we discuss. But when he makes a decision, we follow and obey; we don’t argue anymore.

Tip #2. Do your work even if the boss is not looking at you

Obey your earthly masters in everything, not only while being watched in order to please them, but with a sincere heart, fearing the Lord. (Colossians 3:22)

Oh, wow! It is another “obedience” verse. I believe there is something pointed out here – obedience. And this time the verse says “not only while being watched”. Opppps! Have you experienced closing a computer program – that is, clicking that little ‘X’ at the upper-right corner of your computer screen – when you are doing something that is not work-related, and suddenly the boss enters the room? Hmmm. I know you are smiling. You must have done it at one time or another.

What does the verse say? “Not only while being watched in order to please them, but with a sincere heart, fearing the Lord”. We should be doing our work as if for the Lord (well, really our work should always be for the Lord), with sincere heart – even when no one is looking at you!

Tip #3. Be the best you can be

Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.(1Corinthians10:31)

Do your work excellently – for the glory of God! As a good Christian witness, we cannot afford to do hanky-panky work. We cannot render a mediocre job. This means in our jobs, we finish our document with less error, or no error at all. We wear our uniforms neat and clean. We speak on the phone with smile and honesty. In our meetings, we speak with integrity and respectfully. The product of our work should be of the highest quality.

In other words, if someone is looking at your performance, or at your finished work, he will be compelled to exclaim “Wow!” That’s glorying the Lord, through our good work.

Tip #4. Give your boss full respect

Slaves must regard their own masters as deserving of full respect. This will prevent the name of God and Christian teaching from being discredited (1Timothy 6:1)

Greeting your supervisor “Good morning” is good. But that’s not all. Respecting our bosses means not only being polite to them but also having high regard for them. We honor them, and not bad-mouthing them. We defer to him and to his ideas, and of course, we have a positive mental attitude toward him.

The verse also says “full respect” – full means 100-percent; not partial. You respect his management style, you respect his decisions, you respect his supervisory skills, and ALL! Not just some areas.

Tip #5 Have integrity in its highest level

​​​​​​​You must be truthful, honest and upright (Jeremiah 4:2)

I read somewhere “be truthful even if others can’t, be truthful even if others don’t, be truthful even if others won’t.”

As a boss, I always expect my staff to be always honest, even it if is difficult to do so. There maybe times when you want to cover-up something to hide a mistake or wrong-doing. Just the same, tell the truth.

Maybe you arrived late because you departed late – just the same, tell the truth. Admit your mistake, and say “Sorry”. Don’t blame it on traffic. You should have left early in the first place.

Or maybe you you forgot to reply to a text message promptly and decided not to text at all. Be honest, don’t say you have not received the text message.

The Bible is clear about this: “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

As you read and ponder on this writing, I claim Proverbs for 13:11B for you: “whoever works diligently increases his prosperity” and I pray that the Lord will prosper the work of your hands, in Jesus’ name. (Say “Amen!” if you believe.)


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