by Niña B. Tariman

“He saw and believed ” (John 20:8)

“Alle-lu-ia! Alle-lu-ia! Alle-lu-i—a!” sings the little “angel” hovering above Mama Mary as she meets the Risen Lord.

I grew up in the province. One church activity that I always look forward to after the Holy Week is the Easter Sunday pageantry — the salubong of the Mother and the Son — in the early morning of Easter. I enjoy watching the scene: a little girl dressed like an angel slowly lowered from a makeshift bamboo tower while other “angels” sing Alleluia from the balconies at each corner of the tower. The angel would then remove the veil covering Mama Mary and the Mother meets Jesus face-to-face

I enjoy watching it , year after year, but never understand the message.

Until I reach 33 years old. I came to know Jesus and accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior. Since then I have learned that He died for me, out of His immeasurable love for me, to save me from eternal damnation. I have learned that with His death on the cross, I too, should die to my sin, so that in His resurrection, I may have a new life!

The Bible tells us in Romans 5:12 that we all have sinned. There is no exception. We need a Saviour and a Redeemer to give us life. But we need to die to our sinful life too, to put on the cross our sins; that we may have a new life in Him, that we may celebrate with Him the victory of His resurrection.

More than 10 years now, I look forward to Easter Sunday with much expectation, that as I commit myself to the Risen Lord, His presence will always be in my heart. Now I can shout with all my heart “Alleluia”.

Do you want a new life too? Let Jesus enter your heart… and “see and believe”

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, my Risen Lord, I pray that You continue to reveal Yourself to me that I may understand the great mystery of Your love. Amen.

[This article was written and published in Lenten, 2004]


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